Let's go Find Your Idea of Success

Now it is even Simplier

Below is the new Pricing system for our great company and products. We have polled thousand of people coming and going into our company to find that this is the best way of charging for our tools and learning.

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The DexFx All In Package
only $97/month


EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED THAT WE OFFER, including the DDS signals, Dex AtomiX, Xedan System, and the Discord trading rooms.
Easy to follow training
The New Dex Delta Signals 
The Dex AtomiX indicator from tradingview
Email and phone alert system
Access to our Discord trading room
Consults With All of our Top Level Traders
Semi Auto HIlt Box 
Onboard filter system to show trade available 
Special VIP access in Discord
Xedan Semi Auto and auto options Ready to go
Dex Atomic Strategy Tester from tradingview
Major filters and variable change systems all with the ability to attach to Nadex
What to Expect From Dex

Being able to learn, trade and Profit any time of day
With the tools and the training we provide there is no time of day we can not help


Easy to use help desk 
When you need us we will be there. Getting someone to answer honest questions is tough in this industry. Phone, Chat and email are jsut a couple of ways


A place to share your results We teach you great journal habits that our staff can access to help you learn as you go


Your path to your success
We have so many that have made it to their idea of success and we can connect you to for advice and help as well. Not just staff but real people.


A place to share your experience 
With sofwatre like discord we created a trading room that many share their experience and time in trading.


Many webinars and classes
With webinars, Classes and Live Streams we have many ways to participate in your travels to your idea of success


How long does it take to learn?
While each person is different and has their own experience we have seen between two weeks to a month to learn the basics on the manual trading style. It as the level of someone that works about 1-2 hours a day on this process 
How much money do I need to start?
We can not legally tell you how much you NEED to start we can tell that we recommend never risking more than 10% of your balance at any one time of trading.  Our strategy uses a risk per trade of $55 pre contract so simple math would say that an account with $550 could sustain a single contract at $55 risk. again all results may vary
If your system is so good why should I demo?
This is a common question/ Demo is for you to learn how to navigate and simplify the solution for your own needs. Trading with Live capital on any new system is reckless and shows that you need a lot of work in the world of trading to become successful.
If I get stuck what should I do?
One of many solutions are at your disposal. Phone, email, Discord channel, set a consult with one of our many traders ...carrier pigeon ( lol)..Not really on the last one. But you understand what we are trying to say. We are here to help you find your idea of success.
Our Mission
"To Help as Many People as Possible find THEIR Idea of Success"